About Cinema Partners

“Our alliance with Display Technologies and Ineva Design allows us to provide dealers with a reliable, high-quality home theater experience that performs seamlessly together. We’ve combined industry-leading manufacturers to create a system that will keep our dealers coming back for more. The precise and dynamic sound of dARTS combined with the stunning quality of Display Technologies acoustic transparent image surfaces and the luxurious comfort of Ineva Design creates a home theater experience in any living environment.”
Andy Lopez, Director of Marketing and Sales dARTS Theater

dARTS Theater

The most precise and predictable cinema speaker system on the market. It combines speaker drivers that are custom tuned to 0.5 dB of one another with an intelligent amplifier that provides up to 105 dB SPL anywhere in the listening area. Once speakers have been installed in a room, the dARTS amplifier precisely calibrates the speakers’ sound delivery throughout the room utilizing a custom version of Audyssey® MultEQ® software. MultEQ® corrects room anomalies to match a perfected reference level for listening in any room, resulting in sound that matches that of a precision‑tuned movie theater. dARTS speakers are available in freestanding, in‑wall and custom-box formats.


Display Technologies

British manufacturer of projection screens and unique projector mounting accessories. Their stunning AT Ref image surface supports the latest HDR and 4K formats with almost no impact on image detail or sound transfer. Their focus on the combination of technical performance and design for install, ensure that all DT Screens and DT Mounts meet the needs of both the client and the installer.


Ineva Design

Dutch manufacturer of high-end cinema seating and custom seating solutions. The company, which has been producing fine home theater seating for more than 35 years, will show several models from their seating collection on the stand. The company offers a wide range of leather and fabric designs; each item is handcrafted in the factory, allowing for versatility in custom seating designs.